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Supplement Your Income With These Weekend And After Work Part-Time Jobs

Tamara Horton

There are many people who are looking to earn some extra cash by taking on a second job. And while not everyone has the time or the ability to swing two full-time jobs, many people can certainly take advantage of a part-time job that allows them to have some flexibility with their working hours. These jobs might allow them to have both the benefit of some extra spending money as well as not pull them completely away from family or limit any personal time. So, with that in mind, here are a few jobs that can offer you the flexibility of part time and also net you some extra income.  

Learn the Great Trade of Welding

Learning to weld is one of the coolest and profitable trades you can learn. Many people will pay for your service. Homeowners and small business owners won't often times be able to weld things themselves; it's one of those rare instances where it's not something you can simply pick up supplies for at the home improvement center and be done with it. It is actually not that easy to do and unless someone has both the experience and the tools (which are not cheap) they are going to have to hire someone. So, if you learn this trade through a customized welding program that is designed for working people, you can advertise your services and help out business owners or private clients after working hours or on the weekend.

Become A Bartender

Another great part-time gig is to be a bartender. If you have no experience, you can take a bartending class and you will get to learn the basics. From there, what you can do is look to get some work as a bartender at a local place that is hiring for part-time work, maybe as a barback to get your foot in the door. You can also check out a temping agency that might have the ability to place you at weekend gigs.

Drive Your Own Car And Make Money

With all of the rideshare apps out there, you might look into using your own car as a means of income. You can join one of the programs (given you have a car that qualifies and also have the necessary insurance) and you can turn your car into a means of income. The great thing about this is that you can make your own hours. When you want to work, you simply get in and turn on your app and hit the road.


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